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Individual & Family Therapy​​


I provide therapeutic services to children, adolescents, families, and adults. Therapy may be appropriate for any of a number of issues listed below.

Group Therapy


Groups are an excellent way to address certain concerns, growth areas, or issues. By participating in a group, a teen or child has the opportunity to learn from other people’s experiences, as well as their own. They are able to form new ideas, and practice concrete skills in a safe and fun environment. Finally, for some patients, participation in a group helps to de-stigmatize their experiences, since they are able to identify with peers.

Areas of Specialty


Patients' concerns do not always fall into a convenient category. If you are wondering if I am a good fit

for your referral question, but are not sure, feel free to contact me to discuss the matter

prior to scheduling an intake appointment. Issues that I commonly treat include:


  • Anxiety, including PTSD, OCD, social anxiety, and generalized anxiety

  • Depression

  • ADHD, issues of inattention, focus, and impulse control

  • Behavior disorders, including non-compliance at school or in the home

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders, including Aspergers Syndrome

  • Adjustment issues

  • Grief / Bereavement

  • Social skills or social awkwardness

  • Difficulty adjusting to a major life change, such as moving, divorce of parents, or death of a loved one

  • Maximizing academic giftedness

  • Emotional / behavioral issues impacting academic success

  • Internet or Video Games: over-use or inappropriate use


Additionally, I enjoy helping parents with issues such as:


  • Setting limits in a complicated world

  • Raising spirited children

  • Navigating divorce in ways that minimize impact on children

  • Fostering positive relationships in blended/remarried families

  • Resolving patterns of sibling or parent-child conflict

  • Co-parenting after divorce



What I treat
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